Job Summary:
Serves as part of the team in a fast-paced post production company. Coordinates with production and facility staff and oversees all swing/overnight finishing processes of television shows from start to finish.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Assists producers and staff to ensure that all projects run smoothly throughout the evening, once production team has left for the day.
• Takes over from production staff to serve as direct liaison between client (show producers and staff, studio executives, and other client vendor facilities) and Company’s staff; ensures a smooth and consistent finishing process and overall client experience into the evenings.
• Coordinates downloads and preparation of materials for sessions from client (online turnovers, VFX pulls and shot deliveries, etc.) and schedules resources and staff to facilitate scheduled sessions based on client needs and other requests.
• Collaborates with tech staff and engineering to troubleshoot any complications that may arise during swing shift; ensures all projects and sessions are completed efficiently and on schedule.
• Takes over communication with the clients in regards to the status and details of work that is in progress or any new needs that arise overnight.
• Achieves operational objectives by ensuring workflow standards are met and client-approved when applicable.
• Creates work orders and labels in Xyetch MediaPulse as needed to assist producers and staff.
• Help prioritize overnight work with staff-based schedule.
• Ability to help guide client through finishing process.
• Works well in a team environment.
• Be able to work effectively on a shifted schedule (6pm - 2:30am).
• Ability to clearly communicate work that has been done overnight to producers as part of a nightly pass off.

General Requirements:
• Explicit knowledge of the Company’s business and operations as a post-production facility.
• Must be familiar with HD, UHD, 4K, and DolbyVision workflows as they pertain to online editing, color correction, and graphics and file creation.
• Must maintain working knowledge of broadcast standards video and audio levels, title safe, time code, etc.
• Must exhibit excellent verbal and written communication skills ability to effectively manage internal staff, as well as communicate clearly and professionally with a variety of clients.
• Ability to deliver projects under tight deadlines; must be organized, efficient, and accurate under pressure. Must be flexible to meet ever-changing needs of clients.
• Must be able to work on multiple projects simultaneously while displaying a high level of professionalism and commitment.

Educational Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required.

Additional Requirements:
• Prior work experience in a post-production facility and/or entertainment company is required.
• Must have working familiarity with specific systems such as Avid, Flame, Resolve, Baselight, and Nucoda.
• Strong understanding and experience with television workflow post processes and delivery requirements for multiple studios.
• Understanding of MPAA guidelines and guild restrictions is a plus.
• Previous experience working with Xytech is a plus.

Certificates and Licenses Required:

Physical Requirements:
General office setting; no special requirements. Yes, I'm Interested